Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

I've been dreading this post for about 4 months.  At first it was kinda funny but then the more I put it off, the more I was like, ok, WTH is going to be the excuse this time?  Well, it isn't really anything exciting or flashy.  Life happens.  Work has been nuts.  Wah wah wahhh.

Needless to say, I'm back (for now).

This winter has been so mild, in my opinion.  I kept hearing about the Northeast and midwest getting hit by all those snowstorms and we got a very average 1.5" one day only to be washed away the next day..boring.  I know, I should be counting my blessings since the Seattle area isn't really known for handling snow well, but shoot - I wanted to build a snowman w/ Kuen!  But then again, that day that we did actually get the 1.5" of snow when we went outside to play she was entirely too scared to even touch the fluffy white stuff - much less build a snowman.

Anyhow, I've had some pretty awesome meals between last time I posted and now which I fully endeavor to share at some point, but for now - here's what's been going on...

I've made this like 3 weeks in a row which I'm totally loving (I added walnuts to mine).

I've been trying to do this with my hair (apologies to any co-workers for my appearance on days 3 or 4).  Loving the laziness factor but definitely not loving dry shampoo yet.  This one is the best smelling but I can never go without washing the day after I use it.

Made this a few weeks ago, very underwhelmed.  Maybe I had too much lemon juice coming out of my meyer lemon that time because I got no burnt bits?  Total first world problems.

Was so excited to try this lipstick out and was even MORE excited to pick it up at desolate Target on a Saturday (!) which has pretty much turned in to a ghost town since the whole data breach debacle.  Note to self: you are not white and nude lips look awful on you.

If you're a friend on FB, I recently posted about trying to start this.  Have the journal but can't seem to get anything down on paper yet - too afraid I'll mess it up.  Sigh.

Reading this.  Life changing perspective.

Also started reading this.  So. freaking. hilarious.  The part about the Minnelli/Gest wedding had me in stitches.

Have been eating this (baked in a 9x13 pan instead) with salad (with this dressing) several times this week.

Kuen has been requesting this every morning and prefers hers with dried cranberries, pecans and brown sugar.

Below is dinner from several weeks ago, recipe coming soon (I hope).

All those friends who haven't heard from me - I'm sorry, 2014 has gotten off to a crazy busy start!  I'm looking to surface soon :)