Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Listing a List of Lists #8

Food I'm Loving:

I made this lasagna and Lemon Lavender Almond Blueberry Biscotti recently.  Yes, I'm plugging my own blog - what??

Lemon Lavender Almond Blueberry Biscotti

Someone try this homemade Velveeta Cheese.  Report back asap.

Pumpkin mania is in full swing: Make your own pumpkin puree & toast the pumpkin seeds. Also: granola, cheesecake, pancakes, cookies, muffins, etc.

These brownies.. my goodness.

Trader Joe's got in their puff pastry and I've got my sights set on this recipe (first, at least).

For football season: Ultimate hot wingsSalsa verde beef tacos, made these ribs last week and they were every bit as amazing as the picture...drool.

Ribs & thangs

Salt & vinegar roasted chickpeas.  Creative!

Love this funfetti cake - makes me smile.

I'm as sucker for anything buffalo but buffalo falafel with blue cheese fries???  Mind. blown.

Sausage Cheddar and grits frittata - you had me at grits.

Interesting to Me:

Not the biggest Star Wars nerd but this Princess Leia hat is ridiculously adorable.

Dying over the cute factor of this baby elephant playing w/ a ribbon.

I want to squeeze this baby elephant.

Another reason I love love love Denzel Washington.

I really want to get one of these for Kuen - awesome commercial, Costco.  But I'll abstain from doing what this lady did with hers.  Dang.

Nature is cool.  But which came first?

I guess George Clooney got tired of waiting for me.  I forgive him.

Just finished season 2 of Orange Is the New Black.  OMG.  Is anyone else watching this?!

Excellent video of some Oakland Raiders trying to decipher British slang. And speaking of football, NFL Superlatives had my dying.  Screengrabs, another hilarious segment.  

Poke my heart.  If you haven't already seen, please watch and prepare to have your heartstrings torn out.

I always buy Target clothes for Kuen but this is a fresh (and refreshing) perspective??

Emma Watson is awesome.  

Just for Fun:

Does anyone else find their kid's tantrums completely adorable? I know people don't find Kuen's tantrums adorable but they must find their own children's tantrums adorable, right?  

From an earlier tantrum..still adorable.

Kuen was throwing a really epic tantrum over several hilariously minor things: 

- daddy sitting in mommy's chair (while mommy was nowhere around, of course)

- at dinner her milk wasn't in her( newly favorite) Starbucks cup

- she wanted to watch Barefoot Contessa instead of football

- she wanted to wear her Hello Kitty backpack instead of eating dinner

- she couldn't use her froggy towel after bathtime (it's too small)

Gabe and I could not stop ourselves from just gazing at our child crying, thrashing and whirling mid-meltdown and all we could say was, "But it's just so adorable."

Whirling dervish mode enabled.

Before kids, seeing a tantrum ranked right up there with major dental procedures or running in to someone whose name you've forgotten on my list of things that make me uncomfortable.  Now, it's just so endearing.