Monday, July 28, 2014

Listing a List of Lists #6

Food I'm Loving:

There was a bit of a 'heat wave' that rolled through the northwest (FL people, try not to snicker) and I have been completely obsessed w/ iced coffee since.  I started researching and settled on making my own with this recipe which I had to dilute considerably.  If I ever run out of gas in my car, I could use this stuff it's so high octane.  I'll try Pioneer Woman's next but I just don't think the heat will last that long and anything taking up that much fridge space would warrant both of us would drink.  Also, why go through the trouble if I can just buy it from TJ's?  

A friend sent me this overnight oats recipe - chocolate and hazelnuts for bfast?  Woooo!

More good bfast ideas: Raspberry chia overnight oats, scrambled eggs and mustard greens on toast, blueberry pancake granola.

Where was this recipe a few days ago when I had banana that were on the verge of poltergeist status?  Ended up making my favorite browned butter banana bread but I always add walnuts to mine.

Easiest fridge dill pickles.  Steve - where are those damn pickles?!

Strawberry lemonade bars..right up Gabe's alley.  As is this strawberry lemonade cake

Bibimbap tacos - drool.

Someone in my household (hint: it's not Kuen) can have a very obnoxiously pretentious vocabulary but even he scoffed at this cherry buttermilk clafoutis.

Did you know July 20th was National Ice Cream Day??  We went to our favorite ice cream place and I may or may not have gone home w/ a pint of their Kentucky Bourbon Ice Cream.

Interesting to Me:

Love this pretty bracelet.  So dainty!

Who else is dying over the Gosling/Mendes baby announcement?  That poor child won't stand a chance w/ those genes.

Finished reading Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill.  It was good.  I guess I had higher expectations considering all the stellar ratings on Amazon and Goodreads but I was meh about it.  The first several chapters were really difficult (graphic) to read.  Just finished reading The Goldfinch which I was recommended by several people - couldn't put it down.  Tell me what you're reading this summer!

If I were 22...

For all us working moms.."You have to cope because you die with guilt."

Thinking about blogging too?  I agree with most of these reasons...obviously don't do this for a paycheck so 6 & 7 are a stretch.  I guess I could just replace those w/ "it's fun"?

Just for Fun: 

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