Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Listing a List of Lists #1

Happy hump day!  Hope you all had a fantastic Mother's day. I'm officially starting this list thing now too. I did a post like this a few weeks ago and liked it. Truth is, sometime sitting down to write a recipe is a bit of a chore for me so I'd rather just let other people do the hard part.  Who knows, maybe you'll find another food blogger you love as much as me (HA!).  So here it is - my inaugural Listing a List of Lists post (insert TA-DA sound clip), let me know what you think.

Food I'm Loving:

"Light" Bang Bang Shrimp knockoffs?  Awwww yeaaaaaahh..

Coconut what?  Why haven't I heard of this before and why am I not swimming in a tub of it right now?

Three of my favorite ingredients all rolled up in this cake?  Trying this out for shhuuure.

My barre studio does this in the spring and I'm actually going to try to participate in the meal planning aspect of it which is the hardest part for me. I think this may be a good 'clean' meal.

Tried these a few weeks ago and while I thoroughly enjoyed them, I was the only one so by the 10th one, I was a little sick of it.  If you make them for your meat-loving family, don't make the mistake I did by even hinting it's a meat replacement.  And you can totally forget it if you call it a 'burger'.

Summer's coming, meaning salad season!  Bookmarked this for inspiration.  I always seem to get in a rut.

Someone, please try this and get back to me.  Preferably a coconut freak.  Why is this the first time I've heard of coconut yogurt?

I already posted this brownie recipe.  But you know I bookmarked this one.  And, oh yeah, this one too.  Because I like to test mine to make sure it still stands up.  Will report back shortly.

Speaking of chocolate, I've been waiting for this recipe all my life.  I have all the ingredients currently so I plan on not leaving until I run out of supplies.  

I keep thinking I've missed rhubarb season but I keep seeing recipes come up for them so maybe not.  GAH!  I'm going on a hunt for some rhubarb so I can make this jam.  And this crisp.  

Wait, didn't I just say I was going to try to eat clean?  SMH.

Interesting to Me:

Oh, Florida.  You strike again.  Why does my home state have to be so cray cray?  PS: I miss all my FL people!

I read/love vapid celebrity news and found this gem.  I didn't even know about #19.  And #9 leads me to..

Is Keanu really immortal?  God, I hope so.

Compassion leave, Britain?  Why aren't we doing this in America??

You gotta give actors credit sometimes.  How do they even do this?  Emma Stone rocks.  The Paul Rudd one is pretty damn hilarious too.

A few of the old celeb prom photos had my dying.  #10 and #16 especially.

Talk about the ultimate odd couple, right?  Wilson sure is moving quick on dating after that split from that wife of his.  To be fair, I think Justin Bieber is prettier.

I'm currently trudging through this book and I'm dying for someone to suggest something else.  I loved White Oleander but this book is really hard to get into.

After reading a post from this blog about dry shampoo reviews, I gave this one a try and love it.  But at this point I've trained my hair so that I'm only washing twice a week (and, yes, still working out) anyhow so I don't use it much but found it better texture-wise than Oribe's Dry.\

This bag is so pretty, may be my next.  Tried on this watch, also in love. (Hon, this is NOT NOT NOT a hint ;) ).

Just for Fun: 

Kuen is doing this hilarious thing now where she loves to sing Old MacDonald but instead of the regular old farm animals, she graduated to zoo animals and has now moved on to inanimate objects.  Let's just say Old MacDonald has a pretty cool farm in Kuen's world.  Since I have to think of what kind of sound they make so far: tree, Costco, Cheerio and shoe are giving me the most trouble.

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