Friday, May 2, 2014

Week in Pictures - May 2, 2014

My current resolution is to stop telling people how busy I am.  Yes, everyone's busy, wah wah.
The Sudra - Portland, OR
Is there a way to print this on wallpaper?  Tien?
Cherry blossoms at work in the courtyard.

The type of rain I don't mind - when it's flower petals.
One of the best parts about being an adult: deciding pumpkin pie in the spring is appropriate.
Serving dishes = more clean-up time for Gabe, always try to serve in pan on table.

I love Portland - Multnomah Falls

Alex would appreciate :)

Trying to feign portion control.

Maple pecan scones, recipe to follow.

I must owe these dogs something from a past life.

Happy May!

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